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Board of Directors

Marjolijn Meijer - CEO Urban Gym Group

Marjolijn Meijer


Founder of Clubsportive and TrainMore. Her main priorities include leading our first class fitness community, its stratgy and elopng Urban Gym Group’s talents.

Jordy Kool - co-CEO Urban Gym Group

Jordy Kool


Owner, investor, advisor and board member. Strengthening the company, challenging its management team and empowering the network of partners are his key focus.

Barbara den Bak - CMO/CIO Urban Gym Group

Barbara den Bak


Founder of High Studios. Responsible for launching future facing concepts, creating new communities for our members and UGG’s brand voice.

Michael Rustwat - Managing Director Urban Gym Group

Michael Rustwat

Managing Director

Responsible for TrainMore and High Studios and guaranteeing the ultimate customer experience for all our members.

Sjoerd van Roosmalen - Project Manager Urban Gym Group

Sjoerd van Rosmalen

Project Manager

Responsible for Clubsportive. Driver behind several company wide projects and spin offs. Making sure opportunities are put into action.