Urban Gym Group introduces new terms of employment

Fitness chain names flexibility, social responsibility and vitality as main trends.

Amsterdam, October 2022. Urban Gym Group, which includes TrainMore, ClubSportive, BTY CLB and HIGH Studios are responding to the desires of its staff and changes in the labour market by introducing new employment conditions to all employees.

“We listened carefully to our staff. During summer through a broad employment satisfaction survey followed by smaller conversations.”, says Marjolijn Meijer, CEO.  “Vitality is very high on our agenda. All our staff can enjoy unlimited sports as well as their life partner. We want to support our employees not only physically, but also mentally. All our employees also get instant access to coaches and psychologists, who can provide them with advice in a safe and accessible way, without the intervention of a general practitioner or us.”

Mirjam Roos, Chief of Staff: “The minimum wages for flex employees in the clubs will be increased by at least 16%. Hosts who want to commit to a fixed number of hours were already being paid well over the minimum, but as of now on an average of 25% above the common salary in our industry.”

Meijer continues: “Flexibility is extremely important for the younger generation. We want to meet their needs by standardizing hybrid work and being able to trade in public holidays. There are plenty of colleagues who would rather be free on Eid al-Fitr than on Easter Monday. Also, being able to give back to society and awareness is extremely important to our employees. We already work closely together with IT4Kids who are committed to creating sustainable opportunities (to play sports) for children who otherwise would have none, due to financial or physical barriers. From now on, our employees can commit themselves to a good cause one day of the year, on our account. It is a small gesture, but all together can have an impact.”

Substantial investments are being made in staff expansion and learning and development. “Our academy focuses on developing our personal trainers, performers, club and office employees,” says Roos. “Education is the foundation of our HR plan.”

Meijer concludes. “The long-standing pandemic has had a significant impact on the sports industry. Fortunately, we see that fitness is more popular than ever. We see members train more often and for longer. Though the operational costs are increasing already due to the market conditions, we feel the time is right to translate our appreciation in the terms of employment. We hope this will be an inspiration to our colleague-entrepreneurs in and outside the industry.”

About Urban Gym Group

The Urban Gym Group (UGG) currently has 35 clubs in major cities across the Netherlands and aims to offer members a unique fitness experience. TrainMore gyms often settles in inspiring, monumental buildings in the centers of large cities and provide the latest strength-based equipment in urban settings. In this community, music and art play an increasingly important role. TrainMore is known for the concept that taking good care of yourself should be rewarded. Indeed, in a world where the right choice is often the more expensive option, such as sustainable and fresh food or driving an electric car. Members receive a €1 discount per workout they do. Clubsportive is a high-end fitness club located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. High Studios is the first boutique fitness studio in the Netherlands and offers online HIIT workouts (cycle, yoga, and run) at various locations in the country. Renessence is a unique well-being center that combines science and spirituality to enable self-optimization. Offering exclusive services, therapies, programs, classes, and products in the heart of the Zuidas. BTY CLB offers intensive training aimed at glutes in nightclubs, at other unique locations, in its own club in Amsterdam East, and online with BTY at home. The Urban Gym Group is led by Marjolijn Meijer and Jordy Kool. Together, they also own Gym Warehouse and My Local Gym Group.