Björn Borg and Urban Gym Group (UGG) share the same DNA, vision and mission, therefore they unite and start a long-term collaboration; Inspire millennials to reach for their potential. The slogan of the sports fashion brand Björn Borg is “Train to Live”, and definitely not the other way around. This resonates perfectly with the workout concepts and goals of the UGG: Activate the UGG tribe to work out and feel great before, during, and after the workout. From September onwards, all the crew members of the UGG, in 24 HIGH STUDIOS and TrainMore locations, will wear Björn Borg. Next to this Björn Borg and UGG will also start campaigns and other concepts together in an innovative way.

Urban fitness experience for millennials

UGG – The world leading fitness community – has several labels in the major cities that are aimed at offering its members a unique and different fitness experience than people are used to. UGG is active with more than 25 clubs. TrainMore often settles in beautiful, inspiring, monumental buildings in the centers of major cities and offers the latest fitness technology in an urban setting, in which music and art will play an increasingly important role. In almost every club there is a DJ night. The DJ table is available at any time of the day for DJs to play their latest set. High Studios is the first boutique fitness studio in the Netherlands and offers HIIT workouts (cycle, yoga, and run) at various locations in the country, as well as outdoor workouts. UGG has over 600 employees at the moment. Björn Borg finds the right partner in UGG since the UGG gives Björn Borg a lot of opportunities for visibility in the right target audience.

Marjolijn Meijer, CEO UGG: “We are very proud with Björn Borg as our new partner. We share the same values and feel connected to their corporate culture and brand voice. Together we will be pushing boundaries to let our community reach its potential. In Björn Borg we found a partner that understands what a millennial is looking for.”

Train To Live

Sports help you to feel alive and to reach for your potential. No matter your gender, skin color, culture, sexual orientation, or background. When we are working out, we are all united since we share the same mindset and goals; we want to feel fit in our bodies. With this slogan, Björn Borg wants to activate and inspire their community to move. Not because of the workout, but because by working out we feel fit and that way we can enjoy life even more. With copies like those Björn Borg empowers their statement:

‘I workout by day so I can dance all night’

‘I’m an athlete of life in general’

‘Gotta stay in shape for the BBQ tomorrow’  

Champion of having a good time’


With every campaign, Björn Borg wants to open new horizons and show that creating goals and reaching them is possible for everyone, and that you always come first. Surely the Björn Borg fashion sports collection helps you with this, feeling great from inside and out. The items of the Björn Borg collection are fashionable and the perfect fit for before, during, and after the workout. A great look & feel is guaranteed. Björn Borg wants to empower their statements even more with the help of UGG. “We ‘Train To Live’ and not the other way around; this way we want to inspire millennials to become the best version of themselves, all based on working out.” according to Thomas Boerma, Marketing Manager Björn Borg Benelux.

Find Your Tribe

This season at Björn Borg is all about “Find Your Tribe”. The copy of the current AW21 campaign. The importance of being and bringing people together is the biggest message of this campaign. Being together, something we took for granted until last year, but because of the pandemic became way less easy. The importance of surrounding ourselves with people that inspire you, challenge you, and support you. People that make you grow. Your tribe is by your side, every step of your way. That is where the Borg AW21 collection is all about. Not only in this campaign but also in the partnership with UGG Björn Borg found its tribe.

According to Thomas Boerma, the UGG and Björn Borg empower each other: “We are thankful for our partnership with Urban Gym Group (TrainMore, High Studios). Both live and breathe the same sports vibe and we share comparable values. Together we will bring to life the innovative concepts of UGG and the connected Björn Borg campaigns even more. Our slogan “Train To Live” and the campaign “Find Your Tribe” connect seamlessly to the appearance and vision & mission of the UGG. We can’t wait to start the partnership and rock together.”