TrainMore opens two more clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, November 28 2022. December 5, TrainMore, part of Urban Gym Group, opens two more locations in Amsterdam, resulting in 16 TrainMore gyms in Amsterdam. TrainMore Westerpark will be the first Red Label club of the fast-growing fitness chain.

Marjolijn Meijer, vice-chairman of the Urban Gym Group: “A Red Label club offers the luxury of TrainMore workouts in an intimate, community-oriented gym with an increased focus on service and personal contact.” Red Label clubs have a maximum number of members, depending on the available gym space. A waiting list will be operated if the club has reached its maximum. Next to that, a Red Label club is a member-only club, meaning that only members of this specific location can access the club. Red Label members can join all regular TrainMore clubs.

Fitness trainers are available for everyday questions. Extra facilities such as free coffee, tea, sports water, and complimentary towel service are included. Meijer: “This brand-new concept will allow us to further expand TrainMore and meet the needs of specific communities in Amsterdam. The presales campaign exceeds our expectations. All members receive multiple free personal training sessions and can explore the offerings of Renessence, our well-being centre.”

The club opens on December 5th.

TrainMore Javaplein will open its doors the same day. Meijer: “This beautiful spacious gym in Amsterdam East offers room for many Trainmore fans. Next to enjoying the latest strength-based fitness equipment, members can participate in the popular HIIT group lessons.” TrainMore is the only gym where gym go-ers receive a euro discount on their membership per workout. “Where the good choice is often the more expensive alternative, such as healthy and fresh food, we want to reward taking good care of your body," says Meijer. TrainMore, with gyms throughout the Netherlands, is also known for its focus on art, music, and community building. This is reflected in live DJ evenings and collaborations with artists.

Earlier, Meijer announced the growth strategy of Urban Gym Group: “We are interested in having conversations with fitness clubs in Amsterdam or other major cities across the country. We are in talks with clubs where we can continue the existing activities and are also in contact with real estate owners who have large properties where gyms may be opened.”

About Urban Gym Group

Comprising 40 clubs and studios in all major cities across the Netherlands, Urban Gym Group is an industry pioneer within the European wellness and fitness community. The biggest label, TrainMore, often settles in inspiring, monumental buildings in the centres of large cities and provides the latest strength-based equipment in urban settings. In this community, music and art play an increasingly important role. TrainMore is known for the concept that taking good care of yourself should be rewarded, especially in a world where the right choice is often the more expensive option, such as sustainable and fresh food or driving an electric car. Members receive a €1 discount per workout they do. Clubsportive is a high-end fitness club located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. Renessence is a unique well-being centre that combines science and spirituality to enable self-optimization, offering exclusive services, therapies, programs, classes, and products in the heart of the Zuidas. BTY CLB offers intensive training aimed at glutes in nightclubs, at other unique locations, in her own clubs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and online with BTY at home. The Urban Gym Group is founded by Marjolijn Meijer and Jordy Kool.