Urban Gym Group, the Dutch leader of state-of-the art fitness clubs, today announced the appointment of three individuals to its newly created advisory board. Chris Zadeh, Allan Fisher and Jonathan Fisher are the first three named members of the board. “We’ll be leveraging the shared knowledge of several subject matter experts whose experience and input should provide additional strategic direction for many of our initiatives,” says Chairman of the Board, shareholder, and co-CEO Jordy Kool. “Our plan is to appoint one more board member with a strong digital marketing background. Simultaneously, Marjolijn Meijer (CEO) and I will work towards the transition of the board towards a non-executive board. Candidates can still express their interest.”

Kool continues: “We aimed to bring on senior executives within specific areas to learn from their domain expertise. Chris Zadeh will be a great resource to us within the field of technology and digitization. Additionally, Jonathan Fisher and Allan Fisher deeply understand the fitness space. Emerging trends, such as hybrid training, boutique fitness and sustainability are key areas where we’ll be looking to drive more business development initiatives.”

Chris Zadeh founded Ohpen in 2009, the first cloud-based core banking company in the world. After leading the company as CEO for ten years, he stepped down and founded Whangai to help entrepreneurs scale their company. It is the merger of his creativity and knowledge of technology and deal making into one tight-knit combination that helps his clients, network, and partners achieve their business goals. Chris holds several other board positions.

Allan Fisher ́s entrepreneurship spans over 50 years covering a wide range of sectors from hospitality, fitness, biotech, fin-tech, and property. Allan has served as CEO and Chairman of publicly traded health and fitness companies, and, as founder of Holmes Place 40 years ago, is regarded as one of the industry veterans that established the sector in the UK. Currently Allan holds the role of Chairman in Holmes Place Brands, as well as a variety of non-executive director positions.

Jonathan Fisher is an experienced CEO in the European health and fitness sector, having founded several brands and opened/acquired 100+ clubs in 10 countries over a 24-year period. Jonathan currently holds the position of CEO of Holmes Place Brands and the role of Chairman in TRIB3, one the fasting growing European boutique fitness concepts

About Urban Gym Group

The Urban Gym Group (UGG) has several labels in major cities in the Netherlands and aims at offering its members a unique and different fitness experience. UGG is active with more than 25 clubs. TrainMore often settles in beautiful, inspiring, monumental buildings in the centers of major cities and offers the latest fitness technology in an urban setting, in which community, music and art will play an increasingly important role. Clubsportive is a high-end fitness club, located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. High Studios is the first boutique fitness studio in the Netherlands and offers HIIT workouts (cycling, yoga and run) at various locations in the country, as well as outdoor workouts. BTY CLB provides high intensity workouts focused on glutes in nightclubs, in other unique locations, and online. Earlier this year, an exclusive franchise agreement was signed with the English TRIB3, with the aim of opening 20 new boutique studios over the next three years. The Urban Gym Group is led by Marjolijn Meijer and Jordy Kool. Together they also own the recently founded companies Gym Warehouse and My Local Gym Group.

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