Urban Gym Group, the Dutch leader of state-of-the art fitness clubs, today announces the appointment of Quintin Schevernels to its advisory board. Chris Zadeh, Allan Fisher and Jonathan Fisher were the first three named members of the board. Next to his position as CEO of Funda, the leading real estate platform/marketplace of The Netherlands, Schevernels is angel investor, focused mostly on marketplaces, HRtech, FinTech, platforms and SaaS.  Jordy Kool, co-CEO and chairman of the board: “Quintin has a long and impressive track record in scaling up companies and is subject matter expert in data, technology and marketing. These are all topics that are high on our agenda.” Kool and Schevernels are joint members of the supervisory board of Infotheek Group. Schevernels also holds a supervisory board member position at Effectory.

Schevernels: “Data and tech are becoming increasingly important in the sports and health industry. I am excited to share my knowledge and see great similarities with other sectors I previously worked in. The successful concept, UGG’s ambitions and being able to have a direct impact are the main reasons for me joining the advisory board.”

About Urban Gym Group
The Urban Gym Group (UGG) has several labels in major cities in the Netherlands and aims at offering its members a unique and different fitness experience. UGG is active with more than 25 clubs. Trainmore often settles in beautiful, inspiring, monumental buildings in the centers of major cities and offers the latest fitness technology in an urban setting, in which community, music and art will play an increasingly important role. Clubsportive is a high-end fitness club, located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. High Studios is the first boutique fitness studio in the Netherlands and offers HIIT workouts (cycling, yoga and run) at various locations in the country, as well as outdoor workouts. BTY CLB provides high intensity workouts focused on glutes in nightclubs, in other unique locations, and online. Earlier this year, an exclusive franchise agreement was signed with the English TRIB3, with the aim of opening 20 new boutique studios over the next three years. The Urban Gym Group is led by Marjolijn Meijer and Jordy Kool. Together they also own the recently founded companies Gym Warehouse and My Local Gym Group.