This week, HIGH STUDIOS opened their 3-in-1 multi studio in Amsterdam Oost - Javaplein. This is the first HIGH STUDIOS location with multiple workout formulas. Next to the signature HIGH STUDIOS class (HIGH RUN), cycle (HIGH RIDE) and hot yoga (HIGH FLOW) classes will be taught. This location caters to the target audience in Amsterdam that prefers flexibility.

HIGH STUDIOS has always been the front runner and trendsetter in the Dutch fitness industry. Five years ago this brand, founded by Barbara den Bak, was the first boutique fitness concept in Amsterdam. With this new multi studio, HIGH STUDIOS remains ahead of the competition, opening the first studio that combines cycle, hot yoga and HIIT workouts. In the past few years HIGH STUDIOS has grown to five stand-alone studios in Amsterdam and 12 shop-in-shops across the Netherlands located in TrainMore.

Den Bak: “I’m very proud of where the brand stands at the moment and how we keep growing and innovating, especially with the challenges we faced from the past year. From the moment we opened, we’ve always listened to our High Family (members) and we are happy we can offer them the flexibility they want. Three fast, innovative, and intense workout formulas under one roof. All based on high intensity, beats and experience. It’s a kickass studio!”


Killer spinning workouts of 45 minutes which combine strength and cardio. The classes take place in a uniquely designed studio with disco and UV lighting feeding the senses.


First beat-based hot yoga concept in the Netherlands, with the beat of the music leading the class experience. A yoga class that is not comparable with anything done before. No judgments, only entertainment and fun as you work through the positions on your mat.


This is the signature HIGH STUDIOS class. This 45-minute HIIT workout consists of non-motorized treadmill routines combined with strength exercises, all in an entertaining environment with beats and club lights.

HIGH STUDIOS opens its doors this week. On the 9th September the opening party will take place where everyone can try classes for free.