High Studios, part of the Urban Gym Group, is introducing two new formulas this week: High Ride and High Flow. Inspired by progressive metropolises in England and the US, entrepreneur Barbara den Bak opened the very first boutique studio in the Netherlands in 2016. She was the first to introduce the high intensity interval training: a short 1000kcal workout aimed at both cardio and strength training with a strong afterburn effect. Now, there are 16 High Studios across the country. Speed, flexibility and experience are the pillars on which the formulas are built.

“We invested a lot of time in conversations with our members because we want to be and remain the frontrunners. Our members do not want to be tied to fixed schedules, but want to be able to exercise quickly between work, at times that suit them, with maximum results. They told us they wish to enjoy yoga and cycle trainings in the unique High Studios environment”, says Den Bak. “Soon we will be offering High Ride, cycling, and High Flow, yoga, in the High Studios defined setting. Solid hip hop, lots of fun and hard work in an environment that feels like a club.” Den Bak continues: “Our own Academy invests in intensive training courses for new trainers. Auditions start this week.” The first studio in the Netherlands offering a combination of the three boutique concepts will be opened in Amsterdam.

High Studios is part of the Urban Gym Group, where Den Bak works as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer. The UGG consists of nearly 30 gyms with over 600 employees. UGG's business model consists of three different fitness concepts. In addition to High Studios, Clubsportive and TrainMore also belong to the group. Clubsportive being a premium gym with a high service level, and Trainmore being the urban fitness playground, located in monumental buildings at prime locations throughout the Netherlands.)

Auditions to recruit new staff start this week.