Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 8th 2023 - Urban Gym Group today announces the opening of TrainMore Rembrandtpark on May 30th. This is the 33rd location for Urban Gym Group. With the opening of Rembrandtpark, TrainMore is the fitness label with the most gyms in Amsterdam.

TrainMore Rembrandtpark will be the second Red Label Club. Red Label clubs offers the luxury of TrainMore workouts in an intimate, community-oriented gym, where members can expect personal attention and top-notch service. The club has a limited number of members, depending on the available gym space. A waiting list will be operated if the club has reached its maximum. Fitness trainers are available for everyday questions. Also, the gym will offer free towel service, coffee, tea, sports drinks, and much more to create an unforgettable experience for members. Next to that, TrainMore Rembrandtpark will be a member-only club, meaning that only members of this specific location can access the club. Red Label members can train at all regular and Black Label TrainMore clubs.

TrainMore is the only gym where gym go-ers are rewarded with a euro discount on their membership for every workout they do. This is how TrainMore encourages their members to use their membership and work on their well-being. TrainMore, with gyms throughout the Netherlands, is also known for its focus on art, music, design, and community building.

"We're thrilled to be opening our newest gym in Amsterdam," said Neil Randall, CEO of Urban Gym Group. "TrainMore Rembrandtpark is a testament to our commitment to providing our members with an exceptional fitness experience. We're excited to offer a unique space where our members can not only achieve their fitness goals but also enjoy the natural surroundings of the park."

About Urban Gym Group

Comprising over 30 clubs and studios in all major cities across the Netherlands, Urban Gym Group is an industry pioneer within the European wellness and fitness community. The biggest label, TrainMore, often settles in inspiring, monumental buildings in the centres of large cities and provides the latest strength-based equipment in urban settings. In this community, music and art play an increasingly important role. TrainMore is known for the concept that taking good care of yourself should be rewarded, especially in a world where the right choice is often the more expensive option, such as sustainable and fresh food or driving an electric car. Members receive a €1 discount per workout they do. Clubsportive is a high-end fitness club located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. Renessence is a high-tech well-being centre that combines science and spirituality to enable self-optimization, offering exclusive services, therapies, and classes in the heart of the Zuidas. BTY CLB offers intensive training aimed at glutes in nightclubs and in her own clubs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and online with BTY at home. The Urban Gym Group is founded by Marjolijn Meijer and Jordy Kool.